"It's not me, it's u(ber)."

Admittedly, Uber won't financially feel my particular absence (I only took a couple of rides with them this year), but I've had my account deleted and their app is removed from my iPhone. I'm joining many others in sending a signal to Uber that their increasingly reported culture of misogyny, dirty competitive tactics and blatant disregard for customer's privacy isn't acceptable. Aside from my personal response as a consumer, I'd like to talk about how a company can choose to deal with such a public issue that is seemingly rooted in the culture from the top.

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Contributing to the cacophony

Hi there, Internet - long-time fan, first-time caller... err, blogger.

Given my professional interests, it's long-past time that I started adding my perspective to the discussions I find compelling in a medium I own rather than a social network. As blogging is a visibly public endeavor, I'm hoping it'll give me a strong incentive to stick with it and actually turn it into something. For those of you who find my blog, welcome and feel free to connect with me on Twitter and give me your thoughts and reactions there.